Are the greatest business cases today, to introduce PIM (Product Information Management) ”all the way”?

The great business opportunity of implementing PIM (Product Information Management) all the way – is happening in many large organisations. And there are so many good reasons for doing this. The business case is often impressive. The system is no longer the big issue (and probably wasn’t before either). Although, I would recommend using a system specialised for this. And of course, as a proud ex-inriverian, I am biased…

But, what I want to stress is to see this in a much wider sence. ERP, and other systems, seldom have the data quality that one believes (for many reasons), and you need to make sure that there are designated information owners in the organisation. And they need to get clear instructions or a short education.

My idea is to share experience from project leading a large PIM project… Stay tuned…

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